PS3 Internet Use Dropping in Japan (360 Tiny Increase)

PS3 Internet Use Dropping in Japan (360 Tiny Increase)
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4214235.jpg Over in Japan, business site has a consumer poll that shows where console’s internet use stand. In a six month period, both the Wii and the PS3 show drops in users using online, while the Xbox 360 increases by 0.10 percent. The Wii’s drop was slight, while the PS3’s was more significant. (Though, we imagine Super Smash Bros. Brawl will cause an online spike for the Wii.) And for portables, both the DS and the PSP are experiencing dips for online connection. For those who like numbers, here are numbers:

55.4 percent online (June 2007)
52.5 percent online (December 2007)

56.3 percent online (June 2007)
43.9 percent online (December 2007)

Xbox 360
49 percent online (June 2007)
49.1 percent online (December 2007)

35 percent online (June 2007)
33.9 percent online (December 2007)

19.4 percent online (June 2007)
16.5 percent online (December 2007)

Another thing that is interesting is why Japanese gamers are connecting to the internet. Here’s the breakdown for those who do use the internet and what they use it for:

Online Gaming
Wii: 17.3 percent
PS3: 41.1 percent
Xbox 360: 70.8 percent

System Update
Wii: 69.7 percent
PS3: 83.8 percent
Xbox 360: 84.9 percent

Buying Games
Wii: 43.6 percent
PS3: 37.7 percent
Xbox 360: 31 percent

Browsing Internet
Wii: 39.6 percent
PS3: 31 percent

Wii News Channel, Weather Channel, Etc
Wii: 76.2 percent

Communication via Xbox 360 Games
Xbox 360: 24.5

Online Gaming Research [ via Danny Choo][Pic]

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