PS3 Is Still The Blu-Ray Player To Buy

Resident_Evil_Storyboard.jpgOur sister site Gizmodo just landed the first review of a Blu-ray 1.1 formatted disc—and you may remember that the PS3 just got the 1.1 spec in a recent firmware update. After enjoying new functions like Resident Evil: Extinction's PiP (picture-in-picture) bonus features and comparing the PS3's entire movie experience to that of the only other 1.1 player on the market today (the Panasonic DMP-BD30), their reviewer dropped the gauntlet:

...when it came to processing motion, we agreed that the PS3 edged out the Panasonic by a nose.

And then they went on to praise the PS3 even more:

If I had to lay money down on one Blu-ray-only player at this minute, I'd have to choose the PS3.

The PS3 continues to lead the market in Blu-ray quality, and as Sony has proven with their latest firmware update, they intend on keeping the PS3 at the forefront of new Blu-ray standards.

So even when you are short games to play, remember, at least you've got yourself a badass movie player...that finally got a feature that HD DVD had since launch.

First Blu-ray BD Profile 1.1 Review (Verdict: Is That All?) [gizmodo]


    Yay ps3!
    i need to figure out a way to use the power of my ps3 to make money, like get it farming the land, or crushing cars...
    then i could buy a wii and a 360 :-)

    Yep, the PS3 is the way to go.
    It's cheaper than most other Blu-Ray players, is fully upgradeable, has built-in WiFi and a hard drive, and streams music/video/photos from your computer. Oh, and it plays games if you're into that.

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