PS3 Japanese Maid Service Taxi Outta Gas

maidtaxinomore.jpg The greatest taxi in Japan is no more. Back in September, we brought word that the cleverly named "Maid Taxi" was offering a, well, $US 50 an hour maid taxi service that let passengers ride around town in a PS3-equipped cab and play Hot Shots Golf 5 with a maid. Since the taxi was licensed as a social-welfare taxi and could only transport handicapped or injured people, apparently a flood of phonies faked injuries to take a ride. The taxi service was risking breaking the law by carrying fakers and didn't have a definite way to discern if the passenger was lying or not. So, the company decided to ditch the service altogether! Social-welfare taxi? Perhaps they should've licensed their taxi company as a regular taxi company...
Maid Taxi No More [Yomiuri via Canned Dogs]


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