PS3 Overtaking 360 In Europe

tortoisehare.gif SCEE boss David Reeves? Totally bullish. He and his pals have got hold of some sales data from European charts trackers GfK and ChartTrack, which indicate that all across Europe the 360 is having a hard time of it against Sony's PlayStation 3. How hard? This hard: in the key markets of Germany, France, Italy and Spain, the PS3 has now outsold the 360, despite Microsoft's console enjoying a nearly 12-month head start. At this rate, and barring Sony's apple cart being unexpectedly overturned, Reeves estimates the PS3 will have outsold the 360 across all PAL territories by the northern summer. Which considering the ever-increasing size and importance of the European market should set a klaxon or two sounding at Microsoft HQ's secret wartime bunker.
Reeves: PS3 will overtake 360 by summer [MCV]


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