PS3 Version Of Frontlines: Fuel Of War Officially On Empty

frontlines_canceled.jpgIt would appear that video game retailers wiping the PlayStation 3 version of Kaos Studios' shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War from their databases wasn't done just for giggles. It would appear that GameStop called both guys who pre-ordered the game for a reason. THQ officially cancelled the PS3 edition of the game today, previously thought to just be delayed, using the same axe to kill the release of the PlayStation 2 version of Destroy All Humans!: Big Willy Unleashed. Don't go jumping off any buildings, now, kids, despite how hard it may seem to put this terrible, terrible news behind us.

Editor's note: Seeing as the PS3 version was being developed in Australia, I'm chasing THQ's local presence for additional comment. Stay tuned.

There's always Haze! Oh wait...

THQ Updates Fiscal 2008 Outlook [THQ]


    thq must be going down the shitter for all these cancellations and studio closures to happen.

    Kotaku are PS3 HATERS, alway bashing with their little comments. This site did not deserve to break the story on HOME!

    Great, another flopping Australian development. Just what we need. Ah well, at least we've got quality titles like um... er.... ...Bioshock!

    ...And Fury! ...Oh wait, shit. Well. We've got Bioshock.

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