PS3s Now Made For Half The Price

kaz.jpgYeah, a lot's been made of the PS3 losing Sony money. As impressive a machine as it is, it costs a ton to manufacture, and the more Sony sell, the more money they're losing. Or are they? We know the 40GB model was - at least partly - an exercise in cost-cutting on Sony's part, and now we've got an idea on just how much they've cut. A BusinessWeek report on the recent Blu-Ray news claims a PS3 now costs Sony $US 400 to manufacture, which while still being a lot, is down from the $US 800 they were costing at launch. Those are some handy savings. As a result, Japanese analysts predict the machine may actually start breaking even in...late 2009, which is a little later than Kaz was hoping.
Sony's Blu-Ray Breakthrough [BusinessWeek]


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