PSP Getting Official Keyboard In 2009

PSP Getting Official Keyboard In 2009
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pspkeyboard.jpg Having grown used to tapping merrily away on my DS, I hate text-entry on a PSP. No doubt you hate text-entry on a PSP as well. Now, three years after the PSP first launched, Sony are coming around to the fact, and have pledged to do something about it. They’ve told GameSpot that they’re hard at work on an official keyboard for the the PSP, which should be out sometime towards the middle of 2009. No comment on what it would look like (that one above’s an abortive attempt by Logitech), but with the release so far off they’ve got plenty of time to sort that out.
CES ’08: PSP GPS, Camera US-bound in ’08; keyboard revealed [GameSpot]


  • The PSP will be quite old in mid 2009.. wont Sony have something else planned by then? Also the PSP’s current text input would acutally be pretty good if it had word prediction.

  • Mid 2009? That’s a while for such a simple thing. Even mobile keyboards are a pretty solidly fleshed out thing already. I mean a late release is better than a rushed one (RROD cough cough), but it still seems a long time to make a tiny keyboard.

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