PSP Homebrew Catches Up To 3.80

psphomebrew.jpgMy brief stint in the PSP homebrew scene ended abruptly with firmware 3.80, as testing out the new features involved me rolling back my system to factory settings, but I did learn a few things as I bravely skirted around possible bricking. First, I learned that the homebrew scene is filled with a ton of people, all giving different advice...some of it useful. Secondly, Dark Alex is some sort of god. The PSP homebrew king once removed has just released his 3.80 M33 custom firmware for the handheld, which on top of allowing homebrew applications to run, also enables all of the nifty features of the official 3.80 - PS1 emulation, internet radio, etc. On top of that, this latest firmware enables the network update function directly from, just as if you were updating over the internet via Sony. A brilliant release from Dark Alex. Hit the link for more details, including the full revision list.

Custom Firmware 3.80 M33 has been released [DCEmu - Thanks Wraggy!]


    All hail Dark-Alex

    *Hugs PSP*

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