PSP Skype Could Come This Month

psp_skype_launch.jpgSony's low-key announcement that peer-to-peer calling service Skype would be coming to the PSP was vague on details, but a recent report from Japanese outlet Nikkei Net helps to shed some light. According to Gamespot's retelling of the account, the service, free for PSP users and limited only to those in possession of the PSP Slim revision, may be launching as early as January.

There's no charge for PSP-to-PSP and PSP-to-PC calls, but a microphone accessory and dedicated phone number service will both carry a fee. The Nikkei Net report priced out PSP-Skype plans strictly for Japan, but we suspect Sony will have more to say about the calling service at next week's CES. Who else is psyched for some sidetalkin'?

Report: PSP Skype launching this month [Gamespot]


    PSP Slim only?

    Thats a nice kick in the pants for all the idiots like me who payed $400 for a PSP when everyone thought they sucked.

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