Quack Gets Amazon Book Rating Spammed

thecultofprefection.jpg On a Fox News clip, self-proclaimed psychologist Cooper Lawrence shot her mouth off on a game she'd never played. (And most likely a game she'd never even heard of before she got on air.) Doing so, she not only exposed her own ignorance and prejudices, but also angered publisher Electronic Arts and the gaming community. As a sort of internet vigilante justice, the Amazon page for her new book The Cult of Perfection (the irony) is getting the crap spammed out of it. As of posting there are 330 reviews. 279 of those reviews are one star reviews. Reviews include lines like:

• "I never read the book, don't know who she is, and don't really care what she's writing about."
• "If she does have as much "research" as she does for her tv spots you can expect a book full of complete lies at best. Take everything she writes with a huge grain of salt or better yet save your money."
• "Trying to encourage sexual acts in a book made available to young children is unacceptable."

What's more, her other books (Been There, Done That, Kept the Jewelry and The Fixer-upper Man) are getting spammed as well. Immature and petty, sure, but at least it's not as stupid as attacking something you know fuck all about.
Book Trashed [Aeropause via Gay Gamer]


    Although this woman most definitely is an ignorant baboon, does anyone else see the irony in people openly admitting to not having read her book yet telling everybody not to buy or read it just as Cooper did with Mass Effect? This is the reason gamers aren't often taken seriously. By pulling immature crap like that you're only proving Jack Thompson and other idiots, correct.

    Urgh. Absolute morons.

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