Rambo Theme Stumbles Onto Live, Falls Down, Breaks Hip

rambotheme.jpgOne of the latest themes to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace is also your worst nightmare. Four giant pictures of Sylvester Stallone trying to reclaim his youth in the new Rambo film are now yours to download and proudly display on your Xbox 360 dashboard. The Live blade features dramatic explosion Rambo, with the Games blade featuring the same image sans explosion. The Media blade gives us a pretty good idea of how badly Rambo has aged and how hard it is to get a good haircut in Cambodia, and finally we have the System blade, which showcases some sort of 8th grader Rambo fan art circa 1985. While I would gladly pay $US 100 dollars for the privilege of having this on my 360, some idiot released it for free. Lost opportunities, huh?


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