Rare Responds To Gamer Demand For Furry-Filled Minigames

sigh_rare.jpgPerfect Dark Zero and Viva Pinata developer Rare looks to be targeting Xbox Live Arcade for its next release, according to Xbox 360 Fanboy. The site reports today that it has details on the Microsoft-owned studio's The Fast & The Furriest, culled from presentation materials on the XBLA game. The sporty minigame collection would feature heavy Xbox Live Vision cam support, allowing for face (read: balls) mapping and EyeToy-style control. Classic Rare characters, like that clock from Diddy Kong Racing and dozens of fuzzy, googly-eyed woodland creatures, would feature prominently.

The presentation materials also point to a Wii-like motion control system that didn't make the final cut, which could lend more weight to Microsoft's interests in a simplified waggle scheme.

The Fast & The Furriest: Rare's latest XBLA project [Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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