Reggie Says Wii Can Download "Complete" DS Games

reggieeyes.jpgSpeaking with the New York Times, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime has offered a little more info on the Wii's ability to interact with the DS. While we already know that the Wii will be able to download and transmit DS demos to the handheld, we now also know that you'll soon be able to download full games to your DS. While discussing the demo download feature, as well as DS DLC (like Japan, the US version of Professor Layton will feature extra downloadable puzzles), he tells the paper that gamers will be able to download "complete games" to the DS via the Wii's upcoming Everyone's Nintendo channel. No further info is provided, on the channel's Western launch or what kind of "complete games" he's talking about, but does this mean the Game Boy and/or Game Boy Advance might about to be added to the Virtual Console's lineup?
With Wii and DS, Nintendo Has 2 Hit Game Devices [NY Times]


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