Rein Defends UTIII PC Sales, Crysis Too

75269848.jpgThe numbers we've seen on Unreal Tournament III sales for PC haven't been good, right alongside fellow November PC release Crysis. But while Epic's Mark Rein asserts that neither UTIII nor Crysis have flopped:

It is amazing how people can look at two weeks of sales (in our case) in one single territory in the busiest Xmas sales season the industry has ever seen and come to the conclusion these titles are doing "badly". I don't think either title is doing so badly.

As for Crysis sales being a bit higher:

Crysis probably has 3-4x the marketing budget of UT3 and more mindshare because it is a PC-only, high-end, single-player oriented game. This isn't the fastest selling UT title ever but it's doing pretty well and we're going to support it with some pretty cool things to help it keep selling over time.

While we're (OK, I'm) a huge Unreal Tournament fan, when the latest installment's advertising needs to call upon its Gears of War street cred, one has to wonder how relevant the IP is to the emerging younger market.

Mark Rein answers your questions! [via cvg] [image: gettyimages]


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