Retailers All But Confirm Silent Hill Origins PS2 Port

silent_hill_origins_ps2.jpgWe first brought word last month that Konami's PSP original effort Silent Hill Origins would get the profit-maximizing PlayStation 2 port, like many PSP games before it. Today, we have more evidence. SCEA and Konami reps decided not to comment on the rumoured game when we asked about it in December, but that doesn't stop retailers GameFly and Amazon from essentially confirming it, two listings dug up by Siliconera. Both companies now feature box art and release dates for the PS2 port, which is expected to ship in March.

Amazon's details on the port don't mention any additions to Silent Hill Origins, so we expect something quick and dirty. Well, probably not dirty, but you know what I mean.

Silent Hill Origins PS2 port looking increasingly probable [Siliconera]


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