Rez HD Will Actually Support Trance Vibration.

vibrator.jpgNever used it myself (I played the original on Dreamcast), but certain flavours of gamer were big, big fans of Sega's "Trance Vibrator" peripheral for the PS2 version of Rez. So it's a shame we won't be getting one for the 360 version, right? No shame here. Microsoft have told Joystiq that any additional 360 controllers you've got lying around the house can be commandeered by the game to serve as...well, vibrators. Indeed, the game will support up to three of them, just in case you need to...OK, you know what, never mind.
Rez HD: extra controllers double as trance vibrators (seriously) [Joystiq]


    I'm not getting this... It's... what, you like, strap them to your legs or something? Right?



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