Roadie Hero Brings Sloppy Seconds Simulation Home

roadie_hero.jpgRag controller? Tuning mode? Yes, please and thank you! College Humor's latest brings focus to the unsung schleppers of equipment that precede and follow actual rockers in Roadie Hero. Simulating the most enjoyable aspects of the job, like droning on "Check. Check. Check." and picking up the run-off tail that finds real musicians so appealing, Roadie Hero, (were it ever to become reality) looks like it would be a blast.

Obviously, I'm kidding. It looks like hell. The clip you're looking for is after the jump.

Do stick around for the kicker, folks. It's arguably the best part. I'm really looking forward to the sequel, Asshole Soundboard Operator Hero with 108-button controller.

Thanks, Steph!


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