Rock Band Drums Deliver PC Beats

Back in November we showed you Rock Band drums hacked to allow for PC input, and now Andrew Rudson utilises said hack in a nifty little program called Drum Machine, which allows you to assign samples sounds to each of the four drums and the pedals, which you can then play as if they were a real, somewhat limited set of drums. The program comes with a variety of drum sounds included, with support for up to 1,024 different WAV files. Best of all, you can record your tracks for playback, sharing, or importing into your favorite mixing program. The only downside is that the program currently only works with the Xbox 360 version, though Andrew plans a patch very soon to support the PS3 and PS2 drum sets. Nice work! Drum Machine for Windows [ - Thanks Jason!]


    I tried it out and love it.But i just wish that it had way more cymbal sounds. I hooked up two drum kits to it and it works awesom, but the only down fall is that one kit is default setting and can't be changed but the other one can be and they are from two different system's. i would really like to find some way to add alot more cymbal sounds to it so i could make some heavy death metal beats.

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