Rock Band Mics Available, Hint At Wii Version

rockbandmic.jpg Seems the first standalone Rock Band peripherals have begun slipping silently, like blister-packed ninjas, into the retail channel. Now available in stores across the US are extra mics for the game, which contain not one, but two surprises. First: they're $US 50. No, thanks. I'd recommend SingStar mics, they're cheaper and better. Second: the packaging looks (we say looks because it's awful small) like it says it's for PS3, 360 and the Wii. Wii, huh? That's certainly new.
Official Rock Band premium microphone turns up, still can't save embarrassment [Engadget]



    Doesn't that just mean it will work with Boogie & High School Musical?

    'Cos everyone has those games!!!!

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