Rock Band Standalone Drums, Guitars Get Prices, Dates

rock_band_instros.jpgHarmonix and MTV Games have finally released concrete street dates and retail prices for individual Rock Band instruments, IGN reports today, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 versions of the game. PlayStation 3 owners (and Xbox 360-types without an already functioning Guitar Hero controller) will be able to finally get their back-up guitarist up and rocking on April 1, as the Fender Stratocaster controller arrives for $US 59.99.

That's an uncomfortably long wait.

The individual drum controller arrives much earlier on February 12, but at a $US 79.99 price point. Cold comfort there.

Rock Band Instruments Priced, Dated [IGN]


    And there's still no sign of Rockband here in Aus :(

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