Rolly Rivals PlayStation Presence At Sony's CES Booth

rolly_at_ces.jpgLast year, Sony was proudly showing off the PSP and PlayStation 3 in its CES booth, featuring a number of high profile games like Lair, Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm on playable kiosks. This year, however, you'd hardly know Sony was in the business of games, as the number of PlayStation 3s on the floor I could count numbered only five. Only two of those contain playable game demos within, as the others are dedicated Blu-ray disc players or running reels for the PlayStation Eye. Couldn't actually find a PSP yet, unfortunately, so no Skype calls to mom and dad for me today.

Given that Sony has given better foot traffic real estate to the Rolly, the dancing MP3 playing toy, we're a bit concerned about the company's interest in pushing what's coming for the PS3. Maybe there's a secret room with playables stashed in the convention center basement, so we'll keep looking.


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