Russian Man Killed Over Lineage II Clan Grudge

Russian Man Killed Over Lineage II Clan Grudge
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lineageIIpvp.jpgLineage II turned deadly in Russia late last year, where two members of warring clans meeting face-to-face in the city of Ufa resulted in violence and death. A 33 year-old member of the Platanium clan named Albert agreed to me a 22 year-old from the rival Coo-clocks Clan (*sigh*) in persona following a nasty PVP session that left the former dead. During the meeting Albert was brutally beaten, later dying from his injuries on the way to the hospital. Upon his arrest, the young man expressed no remorse – simply explaining calmly why Albert had to die. The alleged killer has now been charged with murder.

What’s worse is this isn’t the first Lineage II-related death in Russia. Back in January one player stomped another to death while he was trying to break up a fight sparked during a real life meet-up.

What’s even more crazy is that members of the Coo-clocks continue to harass the dead man’s family, going as far as to threaten the life of his sister. That’s some pretty insane clan loyalty right there if you ask me. One isolated crazy I can understand, but once a member of your clan beats a man to death…that’s generally when you want to back off on the team spirit. Hit up the link below for the full story. More fuel for the fire.

Online game rivalry ends with real life murder [Russia Today via Game Politics]

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