Sallah, Starring In Game Movie, Reminds Us Game Movies Are Rubbish

sallah.jpgYou've got to appreciate his honesty. John Rhys-Davies, who you'll know from Lord of the Rings if not Indiana Jones, is currently starring in a videogame adaptation. Uwe Boll's Dungeon Siege film In the Name of the King, to be precise. But don't think Boll's bought his silence on the quality of game-to-film adaptations, though, because while Rhys-Davies knows which hand is feeding him, he's also not afraid to bite into its soft, German flesh:

[Hollywood's infatuation with games is]a disaster. One or two may succeed, and I hope this is one of them, but the structure of a game is completely unlike the structure of a film. And it shows the despair of the studios and producers that these movies even get a look at.

That's probably the smartest quote that's going to come out of that project.
John Rhys-Davies Talks In the Name of the King [GameDaily]


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