Sam & Max Headed For The Wii, Nobody Surprised

sammax.jpgHad to happen. Had to. A press release on JoWood's website is claiming that the Austrian publishers will be releasing Telltale's Sam & Max series on the Wii. Can't see how this couldn't work. The game's simple graphics engine can run on the Wii, the Wii Remote steps in for the mouse, everyone's happy. And while speculation is mounting that the game may be available on Nintendo's upcoming WiiWare downloadable service, common sense says that line of thinking is...wishful. Our money's on a disc-based release of the PC's "Season 1". We've contacted Telltale for a little more info, we'll get back to you when there's more to get back to you about.
[IR-News] : Agatha Christie auf Nintendo Wii [JoWood, via Wii Fanboy]


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