Samsung 3D TV Gaming Capabilities Underwhelm, Nauseate

samsung_3d_plasma.jpgAt CES, Samsung is showing off the "World's First 3D Ready Plasma TV" complete with three-dimensional versions of Madden NFL 08 and Need For Speed ProStreet. After watching another CES attendee take the Samsung—and its required 3D goggles—for a spin, seemingly walking away unimpressed, I decided to take the wheel. After picking my Volkswagen GT and hitting the track, the goggle shutters kicked in, going into full 3D mode.

Unfortunately, the experience of driving in 3D on a plasma television with oversized glasses fails to impress. Samsung claims that with the tech, "you can feel you are in the game" the only feeling I got was one of nausea. The constant flicker and ghosting of your ride doesn't do much for the sensation of depth. It's hard to imagine the product being anything more than a novelty or lending itself to long gaming sessions.. but it's perfect for a five minute distraction at CES!


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