Sega To Open A Ton Of Amusement Parks (Nowhere Near You)

sonicofarabia.jpgSegaWorld's dead, right? Don't tell Sega! They've just signed a deal with Dubai-based property firm Emaar to open a whole load of "indoor theme parks" across...the Middle East and North Africa. The first, to be built in the Dubai Mall, will feature arcade cabinets, more complex/expensive simulators and a roller-coaster, and will be based heavily on Sega's Japanese Joypolis centres. Sega CEO Hajime Satomi:

Entertainment is about living dreams, it is about experiencing joy and culture. In joining with a company of Emaar's stature and power, we hope to convey the pleasure and excitement inspired by great entertainment to people all over the world.

Hajime, I think most of the people you just excited live nowhere near Dubai.
Sega and Emaar to open Middle East theme parks []


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