Seriously Everyone, Don't Buy The 360's HD DVD Add-on

203249984_004.jpgTransforming from my week with Gizmodo covering CES, I bring a little perspective from the buzz of the CES press rooms, several high ranking media journalists and at least one adult film director of the year: HD DVD really is dead. Microsoft may not be going Blu-ray just yet, but Warner is gone from HD DVD and it really will cause a ripple through the industry.

You may be enticed into picking up an HD DVD player (like that Xbox 360 peripheral), especially since we're sure to see loads of deals cropping up in the next few months. But if the pulse of the press is right, which I guarantee it is, HD DVD has been diagnosed with an incurable disease begging for medicine you shouldn't subsidize. Save your money; avoid the heartbreak. Don't fall for the last push of a dead platform. HD DVD is officially a "no buy." As for Blu-ray, the PS3 is still the best deal on the market.


    I like how all the HD-DVD movies and TV shows currently on the market suddenly stopped existing.

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