Set-Top Xbox Not Able to Receive or Record Live TV

Set-Top Xbox Not Able to Receive or Record Live TV
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There wasn’t a whole lot of details flapping around when Robbie Bach announced that British Telecom would be the first company to team up with Microsoft to offer consumers an Xbox 360 set-top IPTV box.

Fortunately the BBC was able to squeeze some details about the box out of British Telecom. Chief among them is the fact that despite rumors, and our fervent desires, the box will not be able to receive or record live television. Boo!

The service actually sounds like a more robust version of the Video Marketplace Microsoft already offers on the box.

As well as access to BT’s library of on-demand content, users will also be able to watch hundreds of movies and other digital content, including its near-live FA premier League football matches.

“The reason for streaming only on the Xbox is because currently the console does not have the capability for live TV or enough hard drive for practical downloading of content,” explained a BT spokesman.

Well that sucks.

Xbox will host BT’s TV service [BBC]


  • He’s right.

    At 20Gig it can’t hold much, so there is no point. Considering most of that will already be filled with games, or other market place content.

    When a 320Gig drive is released, from then on it might be worth it.

  • Wasn’t the whole POINT of this thing to do exactly this? If they are making new hardware because the old hardware isn’t good enough, why are they leaving out features and blaming the old hardware for not being good enough?

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