SeXbox Will Be Bigger In Japan

SeXbox Will Be Bigger In Japan
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sexbox1.jpgWant some good times but can’t afford a real 360? Japan’s so got your back. And your unmentionables. The SeXbox is a bag of fun that, despite the 360-inspired trimmings, doesn’t come with any controllers. Or cables. Or power bricks, or headsets, or even a 360 console. So what does it come with, then?

sexbox2.jpgYes, for the cute and poignant price of ¥3600 ($US 33), you get a schoolgirl costume. And some lotion. And something (with batteries included!) they’re calling a “roter”, but which looks (at least to out child-like eyes) like a milkshake blender. Why would schoolgirls need to blend milk-oh. Ooohhhh. Never mind.
Xbox360みたいな「SEXBOX 3600」 アキバで売ってた[Akiba Blog, thanks Tigerj!]


  • Im Australian Damn it! i’ll comment! Whoot! GO Japan! I LOVE U! …wait, so what if i clicked the link. It’s has 360 logo on it! Shutup! your face is ugly!

    oh and um. US $33? for that! Psssss! Ya right!

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