Sexy M2 Prototype Controller

747d_1.JPGThe 3DO M2 was a console that never happened, but that doesn't mean you can't take a little piece of it home. This M2 prototype controller is listed on eBay for the current asking price of 1,250 euros. While we don't expect you to bid, take time to appreciate the 3DO's potential evolution through 3 extra buttons and a joystick D-pad attachment (hit the jump for a pic of the original controller to compare).

Verdict? It's 1960s Playboy magazine centerfold sexy: a bit dated for real use, but alright to look at for its historical significance.

eBay Listing [via gamelife]


    Um, how old is this controller...?? I had a Megadrive controller that had 6 buttons and a thumb stick that screwed into the dpad...

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