Shadowrun Forums Say Farewell

Minion_concept2.jpgLooking back at my gaming stats of 2007, I logged a shameless amount of hours playing Shadowrun. I always liked the game, even if the final product lacked the polish or additional content a lot of people were looking for. Now, a few months after FASA's closing, the game will end its forum support as well.

If you frequented the official Shadowrun forums, they are planning a new place where people can meet in an off-Microsoft type property. Honestly, given that most games have digressed to a chaotic free-for-all (with a fair share of team killing to boot), and troll katana has become absurdly unbalanced, it pains me to say that you might be better off just saying bye for good.

Announcement: Forums Closing Soon
[via n4g]


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