Shady Wii Deal Goes Bad, Man Hides From Cops In Closet

veristhemoney.jpgFurther proof that, while crime pays, stupid crime does not. A 28 year-old man from Port Orchard, Washington, has been arrested for stealing a Wii. That's the boring part. The good stuff's how he wound up getting caught. A drug user, the arrested is accused of stealing the console from a former friend in December, then re-selling it via Craigslist. With a buyer found, the accused arranged for the transaction to take place in...a parking lot. With the deal done, the buyer returned home, plugged in the Wii, and found - SURPRISE - that it didn't work. But when he tried to get in touch with the seller, he quickly discovered the contact information he'd been provided was fake. Uh oh.

Luckily, the buyer's wife - rightly suspicious of any deal taking place in a parking lot - noted the seller's license plate. So they contacted the local police, who promptly popped around to the seller's house. Upon arrival, they were greeted by his girlfriend, who said the seller wasn't home. So the cops asked to search the house anyway. For some reason, she said yes, and police quickly found the guy, who was hiding. In a closet.
Broken Wii Leads Deputy to Alleged Thief Hiding in Closet [Kitsap Sun, via Go Nintendo]


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