Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

mchw_sales_011008.jpgHardware sales. From Japan. You know how this works, right? The Nintendo DS obscenely outsells everything and the Xbox 360 picks up the tail end. It's essentially the same story for the last week of 2007, as hardware data from Media Create has finally come about for the end of last year. One interesting aspect, though, is the ass kicking the PSP gave the Wii that week, which may have been driven by Star Ocean and Haruhi sales. Somehow, though, that doesn't sound quite right. Maybe folks just love the PSP and multimedia options. Let's give it up for multimedia, people!

  • Nintendo DS Lite - 218,876
  • PSP - 161,370
  • Wii - 152,209
  • PlayStation 3 - 52,706
  • PlayStation 2 - 25,569
  • Xbox 360 - 8,304

Media Create Weekly Sales


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