Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

mc_hw_011708.jpgYes, we know that today has been just positively dripping was sales figure data, so it may be hard to muster up the courage to face yet another list. Please, bear with us, as we walk through another week of Media Create published hardware sales data for the week of January 7 to 13. As in the US of A, Japan still loves itself some Nintendo DS. But the handheld hit just narrowly escaped a weekly takeover by the PSP. It was so close! That would've been a story, friends.

The rest of it is, sadly, business as usual, as the nation recovers from New Year's spending. Probably a good thing as we're still coming down from the NPD bender from this afternoon.

  • Nintendo DS Lite - 97,369
  • PSP - 96,159
  • Wii - 84,530
  • PlayStation 3 - 38,907
  • PlayStation 2 - 14,499
  • Xbox 360 - 4,690

Media Create Weekly Sales


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