Slash, Bill Gates, Robbie Bach Form Merino Wool Revolver

merino_wool_revolver.jpgBill Gates final CES keynote wasn't the most action-packed, megaton-heavy affair, but there was one startling revelation. It wasn't so much an announcement as it was an implication, but it would seem that Slash is ready to join another supergroup, one that's unnamed, but we're calling Merino Wool Revolver for now. The band looks to feature two toy guitarists—Bill and Robbie—and one real guitarist, a clear indicator into which of the three independently wealthy men will pull the most groupie arse. Hopefully, the three will feature as bosses in Guitar Hero Encore: Non-threatening Pastel Sweater Edition. Hey, it couldn't be any worse than Rocks the 80s.


    Slash joined the Wiggles??

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