So, The SingStore Sucks

emptyshelves.jpgA post over at PS3 Fanboy raises a valid point: where's the SingStar content, Sony? Prior to the PS3 release of SCEE's workhorse franchise, we were promised that the game's online component, and especially the SingStore, would be the cornerstone of the experience. It'd have hundreds of songs! It's be updated constantly! Bollocks it will. I got my special lady the game for Christmas, and in the three weeks since then the online store's been gathering dust. Many musical categories lie empty (no, Sony, Blur are not "rap"), and since the tracks included on the disc are so average, a game I'd expected would keep her busy for weeks has instead sat languishing on the shelf. Pull your finger out, SCEE!
Singstar players are unhappy with the state of community features [PS3 Fanboy][Image]


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