Solar-Powered "Nintendo" Handheld Is The Swiss-Army Knife Of Gaming

ninthand.jpg This is a solar-powered MP4 player. Eh. It's also, however, a solar-powered Nintendo emulator, what with its ability to play NES, Famicom, Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games. Only catch is that the unit doesn't have slots for the actual carts: it's software emulation all the way, so you'll need to put the ROMs on an SD card before they'll work. The handheld costs around $US 120, and for that money you're not only getting the Nintendo emulation, but MP3, MP4 and WMA playback, a voice-recorder, flashlight and even a usb dock so you can charge other devices via its solar screens. A PSP for Nintendo-loving outdoorsman, if you will.
handheld nintendo emulator goes solar [technabob]


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