Some Tips On How To Make A Better Demo

crackdown.jpgMicrosoft's David Edery, who's Worldwide Games Portfolio Planner for XBL, has posted a few helpful tips on how to get a better demo. Presumably because most demos suck. Like the recent Burnout demo, for example, which I refuse to play again thanks to unskippable tutorials and promo vids. The whole post boils down to a single basic point: give players a taste of the game's strengths, not simply the first 15 minutes of the game. Take Crackdown, for example. Prior to that demo's release, the game wasn't generating much buzz. After the demo, though, in which your abilities had been "fast-tracked", people knew what the game would actually be like, and were going bananas. Same goes for Dead Rising. So devs, note for future reference: remember, a demo's a chance to show us why we should buy your game!
How to Increase Trial, Improve Conversion Rate, and Sell More Games [Game Tycoon, via Game|Life]


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