Sony Announce 16GB Memory Stick For PSP

16gb.jpgTired of deleting all your old episodes of Battlestar Galactica just to make room for new ones? Wishing you could move your entire porn collection over to your PSP instead of just alphabetised chunks? Sing and rejoice, then, for your prayers, well, they have been answered. Sony have announced a new 16GB MS Duo, which when combined with a longer battery life may finally make the PSP your first and only multimedia companion for long-distance flights. will be if you think spending $US 300 on a memory stick is acceptable behaviour. If you do, this baby's out in March.


    "Entire" Porn collection ?

    But that would require.. considerably more than jsut 1 x 16GB card...

    Maybe I shouldn't say to much more though... for my own sake... :P

    Only 16GB of porn?
    That's not even scratching the surface.

    16gb of porn? lol, my parents will be like, "honey what have you been doing up there for so long?". I'll be like "god, what the hell does a guy got to do to masturbate in this house!?"

    I have bought the 16 gig.
    The first show I put on there always works fine but anything after that always comes up curupt?
    Know there is nothing wrong with the way I am converting them as they all work good on my 4 gig sticks?

    i just drop my bitrates, gets more on the card. Stil fine quality, sweet, 2000 songs less than 1gb, 2hr movies 150mb each. Did u format ur 16gb in the psp, then load it up.

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