Sony Drops Two New Motorstorm Tracks

newmotorstorm.jpgCould be time to get back behind the wheel of your mud-covered vehicle of choice, as Sony has dropped two brand new tracks for their off-road racer Motorstorm onto the PlayStation Network today. Diamondback is a twisting speedway circuit that will tax your diving abilities to their very limits, while Eagle's Nest is a track set atop a remote mesa that you will more than likely find yourself falling off again...and again...and again. If you've mastered all of the original tracks for the game as well as their mirrored counterparts introduced in the 3.1 update, these two tracks are just the thing to add a little more life into your game. The packs are (or should be) available via the PSN today for $US 2.99.

Two New MotorStorm Tracks Tomorrow [PlayStation Blog]


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