Sony Makes Blu-Ray-To-PSP Movie Transfer Official

bdtransfer.jpgThe PSP's had a rough time living up to its promise as a top-shelf multimedia device. Short battery life hasn't helped, but perhaps most damning for the system has been - thanks to convoluted formatting processes and a useless proprietary disc format - it's movie playback. It's a pain in the ass! Well no longer. Sony have made official at CES today something they've been planning for around a year now: the ability to buy a Blu-Ray movie, insert it in your PS3 and download it to your PSP. For keeps. Awesome news, and it's sure to increase interest in all parties involved, particularly Blu-Ray.
Sony Demos Copying From Blu-ray Disc [PC World]


    I'm assuming that for licensing reasons this will only apply to a select few Sony-made future movies. Plus the encoding will take too long if they don't just include the PSP file on the disk.

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