Sony Moves 3.9 Million Units Over The Holidays

SFM066LOGO.jpeg In yet another press release today, Sony announced that they sold over 3.9 million hardware units over the 2007 holiday season. This number of course, is an accumulation of all gaming hardware sold including the PS2, PSP and PS3 in the time from Black Friday, November 23 to December 31. Here's the breakdown:

• PSP: 1.4 Million Units
• PS2: 1.3 Million Units
• PS3: 1.2 Million Units

It's interesting to note that the PS3 sold less units than both the PSP and the PS2. Not only that but the PS2 sold almost as many units as the PSP and is making up a third of Sony's total sales. Not too shabby for a seven year old system.


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