Sony: PAL PS3 to Beat 360 By Summer

Sony: PAL PS3 to Beat 360 By Summer
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summernew.jpgWhile the PS3 may have been late out of the gate, David Reeves, President/CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, claims that the console is quickly gaining momentum in the European market. And while we have no specific numbers to report, Reeves has plenty of smack to talk all the same:

We don’t often mention the competition, but I will give you some interesting data: In terms of installed base in some of our major markets, such as France, Spain, Germany and Italy – plus some distributor territories in smaller markets like Switzerland – our current cumulative installed base is now higher than Xbox 360.

As for the UK…

It has not yet reached that in the UK. But the team here expect to overtake the installed base of Xbox 360 across all PAL territories in late summer. It’s also worth mentioning that last week we outsold Xbox 360 in PAL territories by a ratio of three to one.

Late summer? Alright, we’ll mark our Google calendars to follow up on that little tidbit. Is there an official start to late summer?

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  • PS3 is a console for elite and mature gamers! Wii is a console for kids and girls and XBOX 360 is a console for suckers!

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