Sony Touts Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 Exclusivity At CES

mgs_4_exclusive_ces.jpgSony may not have much of a gaming presence at CES 2008, but it does feature one title quite prominently: Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4. Playable on DualShock version of the SIXAXIS, displayed on a massive Bravia television in the heart of Sony's CES booth, MGS4 also comes with a miniature display that not only promotes the PlayStation 3's ability to play games at 1080p, it also points to the next Metal Gear Solid as a PS3 exclusive. That ought to finally settle it, right?


    "That ought to finally settle it, right?"

    No... All the Xbox fanboyz out there will NEVER let this go despite the fact that Hideo Kojima and Ryan Payton saying it's PS3 exclusive countless times...

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