Soulcalibur IV Director's Choice For A Cameo Fighter? Pac-Man

pac_man_sciv.jpgAfter playing Soulcalibur IV for a few hours last night, suffering many beatings at the hands of Siliconera's Spencer Yip and his Cassandra skills, Soul series director Katsutoshi Sasaki asked us what we thought of the game. We told him we were pleased, if a bit disappointed in the limited character selection in the early build. When we were done chatting about our own opinions, Yip inquired what Namco Bandai character Sasaki would like to have seen in the game, if he had his druthers.

I braced for something from Gundam lore, but Sasaki surprised us both with his choice: Pac-Man. The thing holding him back from a SC IV guest appearance, he said, was that Pac-Man doesn't have a weapon. Now, I could have sworn I'd seen Pac-Man sporting a helmet and lance at some point...


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