Space Channel 5 Wii-make Rumours Abound, Mizuguchi Keeps Dodging

Space Channel 5 Wii-make Rumours Abound, Mizuguchi Keeps Dodging
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ulala_art.jpgWe’ve been hearing rumblings about a Space Channel 5 appearance on the Wii, bringing Tetsuya Mizuguchi and United Game Artists’ rhythm game born on the Dreamcast back into the limelight. The only problem with those rumblings are the sources. Joke threads on 2ch, the never-reliable Magic Box, and something in German that we couldn’t make out. Sega? They aren’t talking, outside of telling IGN the rumors had no validity. While that sounds like a fine outright denial, we just can’t shake the feeling that Mizuguchi is hiding something, being very cagey about a Space Channel 5 update.

His response to GameSpot when probed about another futuristic dancing game? “With Space Channel 5, if I have reason to improve on the HD experience, I will do that. Have you asked Sega?” adding a bit of laughter. The annoying kind that hints that he’s not ready to spill something yet. He answered similarly to Game|Life‘s question on the matter with the same godforsaken laughter.

Look, Miz. We aren’t laughing. We’ve still got the Ulala and Morolian refrigerator magnets up, if that tells you anything. Despite Sega’s dismissal of the idea, their new tendency to look backward for hits only makes us want more Space Channel 5.

We know it’s rumour, and we actually don’t believe a lick of it yet, but let’s get this done already. No more laughing! And can we get a cute microphone controller, while you’re at it?

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