Square Enix Boss Explains Why He Called The Wii A “Toy”

Square Enix Boss Explains Why He Called The Wii A “Toy”
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yoichi_wada_200.jpgYoichi Wada, at left and best known for his ability to stand near fantastic suits of armor, certainly has his own opinions about the Wii and PlayStation 3, the two contenders for console champ in the nation of Japan. He was recently quoted as saying the Wii is a “toy,” a negative connotation for some, but for the adult-toddlers at Kotaku, it’s still something to covet. He didn’t necessarily mean it in a bad way, Wada says, merely that the interpretation was “coarse.”

He explains, “Nintendo seems to place a great emphasis on Wii Sports and Fit rather than Zelda, a role-playing game. In my opinion, if they expose the functions in this way, they are making the Wii look like a toy.” Don’t worry, Nintendo fans, he has similarly tough love for the PS3 and Sony’s inability to market it to a broader base. The man also thinks the PS3’s price is “quite low as it is,” so we’re not sure what to think.

Still, I think what Wada is trying to say is that the challenges of appealing to consumers now is harder than it’s ever been, that companies should take note to appeal to wider demographics. Or maybe he’s just saying everyone should buy more Dragon Quest remakes.

Hard to tell.

INTERVIEW: Square Enix global president Yoichi Wada [GamesIndustry.biz]


  • @Zarian

    Dude if you actually cared and were up to date you’d realise they realised those games almost every year , and seems to keep doing so …

    Star ocean , Valkyrie Profile 2 , musashi 2 , radiata stories , grandia 3 , hanjuku hero , Full metal alchemist , Drakengard 1 and 2 , kingdom hearts , romancing saga , that mario basket game …..
    And future games are what ? Other than the ff , again star ocean 4 and psp ones , Last remnant , Infinite Undiscovery .

    Trolls and the usual “square sux and only do FF and DQ” crowd should really start getting better arguments .

  • It is a toy. Who buys them? Children. Well, it is more like mom and dad. At this point, the toyish nature of this version will lead to the Wii, Yeah (the successor to the Wii which will be graphically as powerful as the original Nintendo. The people running Nintendo know this and that is their game plan. He was just making the point Nintendo has made to all of us.

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