Square Enix Calls Japanese Core Market "Weak"

wadasqueenixwest.jpg Square Enix could always depend on Japan to snap up its seemingly endless RPG flow. Company president Yoichi Wada (on the left) has noticed a dip in core Japanese gamers. He points out about Japanese market growth:

...when it comes to games for core gamers, it's quite weak. Sooner or later core gamers will become impatient, and there'll be a point where 'real' games will resume growth, but it's not happening at the moment. However, for core games, the European and American markets are growing at enormous speed.

To capitalise on this expanding market, Square Enix is actively starting to look West, hoping to "develop a strategy to equal the moves made by Sega and Capcom, or maybe exceed them." Our advice: Mix up the genres, put out new IPs and go multi-platform. That means for everything.
Wada Interview [Games Industry]


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