SSBB Select Screen Reveals New Challengers?

SSBB Select Screen Reveals New Challengers?
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Midna from Twilight Princess
Ganandorf from Wind Waker
Young Link from Wind Waker
Baby Bowser
King K. Rool from Donkey Kong series
Wolf O’Donnell (Star Wolf) from Star Fox series
Kristal from Star Fox series
Ashley from WarioWare Smooth Moves
Lucario from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
Black Shadow from F-Zero series

See anyone else you recognise? These old eyes aren’t what they used to be, so feel free to put names to faces in the comments section.

Update: There’s a good possibility the screen is fake, but it’s still fun to speculate. We’ll know for sure next week!

Challenger Approaching Pt. 2 [ – Thanks Tylor!]


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