Steve Purcell Talks Sam & Max

purcell.jpgACG had a little chat with Steve Purcell, creator of Sam & Max. They cover a lot of ground, from comics to TV to his work with Lucasarts and Telltale, but perhaps the most interesting is what he's got to say about the canned Sam & Max 2.

That game was probably between two thirds and three quarters done. I never had a chance to get upset because the fan backlash was so immediate and intense. As far as LucasArts current path, it seems that adventure games are just not part of their plan. It's a new company with a different direction from their roots but I guess it's working for them.

You could easily say it's not been working for them, considering their market share now compared to, oh, 1995, but whatever. The real tragedy is that, at ¾ done, somewhere there is playable, no doubt enjoyable code from Sam & Max Freelance Police.
Steve Purcell [Adventure Classic Gaming, via Blues News][Image: Telltale]


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